Q: What types of products do you assemble and/or install?
A: We specialise in flat-packs. We can install almost any type of product that comes unassembled and out of the box’ which requires assembly. 

Q: What Brands can you install?
A: We can install any brand, from any supplier. This includes flat-pack furniture, fitness equipment, leisure items, toys, kids play equipment, bicycles, etc. In most cases, if it requires assembly, we can install it!

Q: Do you assemble items other than from major retailers?
A: Yes. We can assemble most products that require assembly regardless of brand or place of purchase.

Q: Are there any products that you cannot install?
A: Yes. There are 2 main examples of this.

1) We only install items above ground. We do not dig holes or trenches etc.
eg: Items that are required to be set into concrete footings can be assembled but you will have to engage another trade to dig and pour your footings etc.

2) We cannot install items that require a licenced tradesperson. eg. Electrician, Plumber/Gasfitter etc. This normally only applies with items that are hard-wired to your home, or require a permanent gas connection.
eg. We can assemble your BBQ and connect it to your LP Gas Bottle or Natural Gas bayonet.
However we cannot connect a permanent Natural Gas connection and cannot convert your BBQ from LPG to Natural Gas (or vice versa) as these tasks required a licensed Gas Fitter.

Q: How are your services priced?
A: Our services are charged according to the amount of labour required. Our price will be determined by the size, number and complexity of your items(s). In other words, the time required on site including un-packing, assembly and clean-up, plus any additional services that you request. You can obtain a free no-obligation estimate from our friendly team.

Q: What about parking charges?
A: Our installers require access to a parking space at or nearby your install site. If you are unable to provide free parking nearby, any parking charges incurred the installer will be payable by the customer on the day and will be added to the cost of the install unless parking costs were included in your quote. If you have pre-paid for your install, payment will be required to reimburse the installer directly on the day.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept credit card (Visa & Mastercard). Alternatively, direct deposit bank transfers are possible by prior arrangement but must be paid in advance (and funds received) before the installation will proceed. A receipt for your payment will also be provided.

 Q: When do I pay?
A: All installations must be paid in full at the completion of the installation. Payment must be made by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) via the installer. If payment by EFT has been arranged, this must be paid in advance (and funds received) before the install booking proceeds.

Q: Do your installers bring everything that they need?
A: Yes. Our Installers carry all the necessary tools and equipment to install your item(s). If you have any special requirements, please advise us in advance to unsure we have everything necessary for your install. The only thing that we may need is to use your vacuum cleaner to help clean up upon completion.

Q: Where must I locate the item/s to be assembled?
A: The items must be placed inside the room/location where the assembly is to occur. The items must be in place prior to the arrival of the installer. 

Q: What if there isn’t enough space for assembly in my property?
A: Our installers require ample room to unpack and assemble your item(s) efficiently and safely. In most cases, the space required for assembly is significantly larger that the item itself.
eg: We need to unpack and lay out all of the parts and hardware. And during assembly we may need to turn the item onto it’s back or side and we probably need a space of approx 1m around the item in which to work.
Our installer may be able to assist you in moving some small furniture items to make enough room to complete the work. However while all possible care will be taken, neither Leisuretek nor our installers will be responsible for any damages and/or loss caused during this process.

Q: Do you dispose of all the leftover packaging?
A: Yes and No. Because our installers specialise in installation and are not freight carriers, many do not have a vehicle suitable for carrying large volumes of waste material. However, our installer will consolidate (eg: cut into smaller pieces) the packaging waste for easy disposal in your recycle bin. If your bin cannot accommodate all of the waste at once, we will stow the excess waste in a suitable location on your site to enable you to place the remainder of the waste in your bin after your local waste collection day.
NB: In some cases, we recommend that you retain the packaging for 12 months or so in case you need to ship or return the item (if a fault occurs) down the track. All suppliers will require the returned goods to be packaged and protected adequately, even if the item is faulty and being replaced under warranty. And there’s no better way to do this than to use the original packaging.

Q: What if I need to cancel or postpone my installation booking?
A: No problem, but please make sure you cancel your booking at least 24 hours before the appointment time. Cancellation within 24 hours of the booking may incur a cancelation fee (our minimum service charge will apply).

Q: What if it rains on the day of installation?
A: If your item is being assembled outdoors (eg. Trampoline or Basketball System etc), your installation may need to be postponed as our installers cannot work in the rain. If your installation has to be postponed, our installer will reschedule your installation to the next mutually suitable day.
Indoor installations are unaffected by rain of course.

Q: I don’t live in a capital city. Is your service available in my area?
A: Our national installer network covers approx 80% of Australia’s population including all major cities and most major regional towns and surrounding areas. If you are located outside an urban area, please check with us to see if we can service that area too. In many cases we are able to service non-urban regional areas with the addition of a travel surcharge.

Q: How can I request a service and what information is required?
A: You can request a service via our website www.install.leisuretek.com.au or you can call us on (02) 9836 2600. To provide you with an accurate quote or estimate, we need to identify the product and your location so you may be asked to submit any available photos or links to view the product/s to be assembled.

Q: What days and hours do you work?
A: Our Customer Care team is available during business hours Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm (Sydney time).
Our installation hours are generally during business hours but in many cases we are able to accommodate after hours installation requests although an After Hours Surcharge may be applicable.

Q: Can you rectify an assembly that was done incorrectly by someone else?
A: Yes. In many cases we can unless the item has been damaged or parts/pieces missing from the previously attempted assembly.

Q: What if there are broken or missing pieces?
A: If only a few small fittings are missing such as bolts, nuts and washers, then we will try to replace them with spares that our team may carry with them. However, if a crucial element of your item is missing or damaged, then we will discuss this with you so you can refer the problem to the place of purchase. If the item is purchased from Leisuretek, our installer will contact us on your behalf to obtain the necessary replacement parts from the supplier.

Q: How many installers will attend to assembly my item/s?
A: Our aim is always to keep our installation prices as low as possible. For this reason, unless the item to be installed is very large & heavy, over complicated or very time consuming (eg over 8 hours), we only provide a single installer.

The vast majority of items only require a single installer to assemble them. However, occasionally a second pair of hands may be required to “hold this while I put this bolt in” or “help me flip this over”.

Adding a second installer doesn’t actually cut the installation time in half. With flat-pack assembly, you can generally only complete one step at a time so in fact, there’s usually only a 25% output gain by having a 2nd installer. Therefore providing a second installer adds a considerable amount to the cost of the installation. So we prefer to do all of the work with a single installer and on those rare occasions when it’s absolutely necessary, ask the customer to “Hold this” while we put the bolt in. If you are able to provide assistance for a few minutes when necessary, this can potentially save you hundreds of dollars by not having a 2nd installer in attendance for half a day.Leisuretek Australia - Assembly Professionals

Q: How can I be sure that you will not disappear when I pay?
A: We’ve been in business for 20 years and we are not going anywhere. We will provide a receipt/invoice when you make a payment. This receipt will contain our contact details which can also be found on our website.Leisuretek Australia - Assembly Professionals